Infini™ RF Mirconeedling

Now there’s an innovative way to defy natural ageing and gravity, with Infini™ RF by Lutronic. The down time is minimal, with no foreign substances, no radical change; just a healthy acceleration on the inside for a natural, noticeable effect on the outside.

Natural Noticeable Results

An Infini™ RF treatment is a sixty to ninety minute in-office procedure. The results always look natural and there is virtually no risk. It is effective and it is affordable. Infini™ RF escalates the natural process of generating the dermis enriching it with increased collagen and elastin fibers. Each treatment gives your skin a huge boost, with successive treatments building collagen and elastin over time, just like the effect of going to the gym has on building muscles.

The Beauty of Infini™ RF

Results will develop throughout the next two to four months, with some patients reporting continued improvement for up to six months, including lifting and tightening of the skin. While Infini™ RF does not duplicate the results of surgery, it has proven to be an inviting alternative for those postponing or declining surgery.

The Beauty of Infini™ RF Fractional Skin Resurfacing

Over time, our skin’s youthful appearance and texture is affected by cumulative sun exposure, acne, and the natural ageing process which results in loss of collagen and elasticity. Infini™ RF Fractional Skin Resurfacing helps restore your skin’s beauty by treating mild to moderate wrinkles, acne scaring and textural irregularities. Infini™ RF is truly cutting-edge technology for safe and effective fractional skin treatment.

How Does Infini™ RF Fractional Skin Resurfacing Work?

Radio Frequency energy is precisely directed by tiny matrix spots. The epidermal layer (top layer of skin) is preserved; stimulating an increase in the dermal layer. Infini™ RF breaks down scar tissue, promoting production of natural collagen. Infini™ RF has a regenerative healing effect on living tissue restoring its normal balance. You will notice post treatment mild to moderate wrinkles and scars are reduced and the texture of your skin becomes smother with increased elasticity.

Is Infini™ RF Fractional Skin Resurfacing Right For Me?

Infini™ RF treatment is a safe and effective solution; medical microneeding with RF eliminates the risk of surface skin injury and actually optimizes cell function, making it the ideal treatment for all skin types.